Be Your Change

About Us

Be Your Change concentrates on training clients to think on purpose, to be the change themselves and to find the light within. We focus on training the clients mind into being creative enough to resolve their own problems.

Thinking on purpose is being also the same as being mindful. Do you brush your teeth to brush your teeth? Or do you think about 10 other things parallelly while brushing your teeth? Satipatthana is the establishment or arousing of mindfulness as part of the Buddhist practices leading to detachment and liberation. Being in the present moment and thinking on purpose rather than thinking by way of our habits or things that we have got used to as children is mindfulness.

As the world evolves at this rapid rate, we’re all going to have to master new tasks, new situations, our children even more so and their children even more still. We have to becomes people who adapt mentally and become learning machines. We can’t keep coming up against problems, throwing our hands up in the air and walking away; we can’t just keep talking about the same old problems. The big change made by Sigmund Freud, the founder of psycho- analysis, was the idea that the cure for mental illness, which was called melancholia at the time, was a talking cure (rather than hosing you down with cold water and all the other things that they had tried back then). Right now, we have to move up from the whole idea of mental illness and start to talk about optimizing

Every person is afraid based thoughts and negative thoughts is a normal thing as this is what we have been used to as children, but it is now time to re-wire this system and make a change for a better world!